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Broadcasting Colorado Highschool Sports to your favorite device 


Colorado Sports Live professionally broadcasts your high school sports and captures the game day experience and its as easy as opening your phone. Parents that cannot make it to a game, grandparents that are out of state, stadiums that are not allowing fans or stands are that full can all now be a part of the action anytime. 

Our broadcasters all have an intense passion for calling live sports and that will carry through in each of our broadcasts. Many parents have filmed games from the stands but now you can enhance that memory with professional play by play audio  to capture the emotion of the moment. 

Missed the game live? No problem, that game will be available on demand to enjoy at your convenience with our easy to use app and website.  Weekly shows with Colorado coaches, podcasts talking sports and more, all available throughout the week as you wait for game day. Highschool sports are a pretty big moment for students and for parents, now those moments are made professional and available forever!


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